Agrisicilia produces bio jams from Sicilian citrus fruits with now over twenty-year experience. Cultivation of citrus fruits in Sicily has a millenarian tradition thanks to the favorable climatic conditions. The presence of citrus fruits in Sicily is rooted in the environment itself that gives ever green gardens. And only here it is possible to produce red oranges, thanks to micro-climatic conditions that can not be reproduced anywhere else in the world.


  • Avaialble flavours in 360g:

    • Organic Sicilian Orange jam.
    • Organic Sicilian Red Orange jam.
    • Organic Sicilian Sour Orange jam.
    • Organic Sicilian Mandarins jam.
    • Organic Sicilian Lemon jam. 
    • Organic Sicilian mixed Citrus jam.
    • Special confiture of Oranges and Strawberries.
    • Special confiture of Lemons and Strawberries.