Aurora available in three types: still, light sparkling and sparkling, is a light water with a delicate flavor. The balanced content of mineral salts, especially sodium, makes it the perfect drink for adults and children, pregnant women and those who choose a healthy lifestyle.

Present on the market in 50, 150 and 200cl PET and 50, 75 and 100cl GLASS formats it’s the practical and fast answer for every need. The transparent and hygienically safe PET is easily transportable and as such optimal to be consumed “when” and “where” you want.

The raffinate and elegant GLASS, with screw cap closing system, is perfect to preserve the products quality over time.

Thanks to its specific characteristics and its organoleptic properties, AURORA water is a beneficial food. Which responds optimally to the needs of the human body and ensures the necessary hydration.

Aurora Acqua

  • The Natural Oligomineral Water Aurora flows at 605m above sea level, from fractures in the rocks of the Umbrian Mountains. Light water with a delicate taste is characterized by a balanced content of mineral salts (fixed residue 180C) and is essential for those who choose to live in a healthy and balanced way.

  • Still 50cl | 150 cl | 200 cl

    Light Sparkling 50cl | 150 cl | 200 cl

    Sparkling 50cl | 150 cl | 200 cl