Since many years we work passionately to bring the very best of Italy’s food culture on our clients’ tables. We are a group of young entrepreneurs coming from relevant experiences in the food production industry, who decided to take on the challenge
to bring their know-how and the secrets of genuine products on everyone’s table.
This is ItalianEat, italian culinary delights’ distribution.


  • Avaialble products:

    • Small Tomatoes Mediterranei 2500g can |400g can
    • Chopped Tomatoes 2500g can | 400g can
    • Peeled Tometoes 2500g can | 800g can | 400g can
    • Sieved Tometoes 680g bottle
    • Peeled Tometoes Super Salsati  2500g can
    • Sieved Tometoes 2500g can
    • Small Tometoes Datterini 400g can
    • Yellow Cherry Tomatoes in Tomato juice
    • Natural Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
    • Corbarino Tomatoes in Tomato juice
    • Natural Corbarino Tomatoes