Thanks to excellent raw materials and careful craftsmanship, Pisti was spot on: the debut at Cibus collected so many orders that a new warehouse was immediately purchased next to the historic pastry laboratory in the centre of Bronte. The rest is history: Pisti currently employs 45 permanent workers, that during high production periods can reach 130, with new hires each year.



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    The widespread use of the female workforce and a strong sensitivity to the environment complete the image of a well rounded company which is a grand laboratory of handmade pastry where all the processes - from the production to packaging, taking care in the choice of packaging and decor which are still done by hand . All this can only be the result of a beautiful mix of knowledge and flavour and in spite of the important figures reached, the company maintains its manual skill that made and makes Pisti a success story. Pisti is steeped in a strictly Sicilian tradition and modernity, in a mix of wisdom and excellence that will last over time.