Tastes and traditions are the point of view or, it is better to say, the starting point of our undertaking and at the same time the arrival.

Our work is simple. We choose the best that Nature offers to us. Just a wholesome, good and high quality product allows to maintain unchanged nutritional value, taste and flavour in the time. We strictly guard old techniques for food preservation and we avoid contaminating foodstuffs with chemical preservatives. We are sure that in Nature there is more than man can do with his own work. So, it is necessary to support Nature, to know the way to keep, to preserve in order to not alterate it. A travel through Sicily to know and to understand. It is not possible to understand without knowing and it is not possible to know without perceiving. Our story is a thousand year-old one that makes us tired and sometimes indifferent to time passing.
Our foodstuffs are good as Nature created them beyond the time we are living.

BRAND: ROSSO. Conserves

  • Avaialble products:

    • Ciliegino tomato sauce.
    • Caponata eggplant.
    • Sicilian sauce.
    • Salsa mimi.
    • Sugo alla norma.
    • Salsa con olive. 
    • Sicilian red pesto.
    • Capers paste.
    • Artichokes paste.
    • Crema di menanzane.
    • Crema di olive nere.
    • Crema di olive verdi.
    • Crema di peperoncini piccanti.
    • Pepita.
    • Crema di pomodoro.
    • Caperi in aceto.
    • Pomodorini Siciliani.
    • Pomodoro secco.
    • Peperoncini piccanti.
    • Antipasto speciale.
    • Melanzane a fette.
    • Insalata di carciofi.
    • Olive della nonna.
    • Capers cocktail.
    • Capers with salt.
    • Picked sweet olives.
    • Sun dried tomato.