The real Bresaola IGP from Valtellina: an extremely high-quality product, the result of a strict selection of several valuable cuts of the bovine’s leg.
They are trimmed with art, salted and dried and carefully massaged to guarantee the best penetration of the brine.
These are antique artisan techniques that give life to a top-brand Bresaola, specially done for those who desire only the best.


  • Tastes and artisan traditions, unique in
    the world, stem over centuries from
    green alpine valleys and endless
    snow-clad fields: productions are still
    conducted nowadays through the
    ancient crafts, where techniques and
    secrets are kept hidden.
    That is exactly what makes these local
    products so unique; the healthy air of
    the high mountain, the naturalness of
    the handcrafted production of food and
    the desire to preserve the characteristics
    which have always made the natural
    world the ideal place for top quality
    products throughout the years.
    Above all, with no doubt, the bresaola is
    well-known as being a real delicacy for
    the palate, and as being healthy and real.