Welcome to the world of Acqua Filette, the mineral water that lets you experience a new pleasure: understanding the difference between drinking and tasting. Acqua Filette will satisfy your senses and body due to its perfect balance of mineral salts. Bottled at its source for over 120 years, since 1894 Acqua Filette proves its exclusivity being present in the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, wine bars and other distinctive locations around the world. You can now enjoy its quality and luxury in any moment, ordering it directly at Pangea Food.

Filette Acqua

  • Acqua Filette has a truly international appeal as witnessed by its presence in top of the line hotels, bars and restaurants in the four corners of the world. Purely Made in Italy, Acqua Filette is exported with the purpose of guaranteeing water of the highest quality and preserving the well-being of its consumers.

    Acqua Filette S.r.l. is certified as operating in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality system standard, an international guarantee of the reliability of the whole process of bottling and distribution.

  • Acqua Filette, one of the purest water in the world, crystal clear springs at its source in Guarcino, 900 meters above sea level between the green and uncontaminated Apennine Mountains of the Region of Latium.

    The total absence of arsenic and a presence of harmful nitrates close to 0 (0.3 mg/l) together with a very low level of sodium and a perfectly balanced amount of total dissolved solids make Acqua Filette perfect for a healthy lifestyle and ideal for daily use.
    It is available in three different kinds: “Naturalmente naturale” (Naturally Still), “Delicatamente frizzante” (Gently Sparkling) and “Decisamente frizzante” (Very Sparkling), a great companion to the best wines and most exquisite dishes.
    Acqua Filette: three different ways to be unique.