Mulino alimentare is a private company established in 1993 in Parma and specialized in production, maturing, cutting, grating and shaving PARMIGIANO REGGIANOPDO and other hard cheeses like GRANAPADANO PDO, PECORINOROMANO PDO and other Italian regional specialties.


  • This is an excellent cheese for all tastes, made with high-quality milk selected by MULINO ALIMENTARE. Made and packaged with the latest, most efficient and safest dairy equipment, Gran Mulino “Formaggio Duro” is the “Grana” for all palates to enjoy. The safe, convenient and efficient packs used by GRAN MULINO fully preserve the aromas and flavours of the cheese for a long time.

    Parmigiano Reggiano:

    • portions fixed and random weight in different kind of packaging, grated, shaved, diced, sliced.

    Grana Padano:

    • portions fixed and random weight, grated.

    Other hard Cheeses:

    • Pecorino Romano, Italian hard cheese.