Acqua Orsini was born in Alta Murgia National Park, in the town of Poggiorsini in the province of Bari.

A natural territory of rare beauty protected by a rich hydrogeological basin. Orsini Mineral Water is classified as an “Oligomineral” due to its well-balanced fixed residue of 298mg/I (less than 500mg/I), a low Sodium content (0.001%) and a good concentration of bicarbonate (225mg/I). this structure gives an pleasant taste perception and health benefits.

Orsini Acqua

  • Black & Platinum Acqua Orsini is a mineral water line in GLASS bottle with a distinctive design for fine commercial catering. Purity and taste meet local products, cuisine and traditional specialties.

  • Black – Sparkling 75cl | 50cl

    Platinum – Still 75cl | 50cl